Pilgrims were allowed to distribute the sacred water "Zam-zam" and dates

The first group of Tajik citizens who have made a pilgrimage to the shrines of Islam will return to their homeland on August 18. This was reported in the press center of the Committee on Religion and the streamlining of traditions and rites.

By the end of August, all Tajiks who have made the pilgrimage will return home.

" To date, all future Tajik Khojis in Saudi Arabia are alive and well ", - отметили в Комитете.

Representatives of the Committee, before the pilgrims return to the republic, will hold talks with them in Mecca and Medina and explain the norms of the Tajik law “On streamlining traditions, celebrations and rites” according to which events on the occasion of send off and meeting pilgrims are held only in the family circle.

«The law prohibits the organization of "Khodzhitalbon" and "Khojioshi" events (pilgrimage treats). Distribution by pilgrims of sacred water "Zam-zam" and dried dates is not prohibited.