Tomorrow is day-off in Tajikistan on the occasion of Constitutional Day.

A number of cultural activities, including concerts with participation of known Tajik singers, will be organized in Dushanbe to mark the country’s Constitution Day, according to the Dushanbe mayor’s office.

Besides, Dushanbe Mayor Rustam Emomali has reportedly ordered to provide 11,000 somoni for organization a research-and-theoretical conference entitled “Constitution Is Original Source of Independence of a Nation” in Dushanbe today.   

By instruction of the Dushanbe Education Department, an essay contest on the subject of “Constitution of Tajikistan in the fate of My Generation” will be organize for senior students of Dushanbe high schools.

The Constitution of Tajikistan was adopted on November 6, 1994.  The Constitution declares ideological and political pluralism, ensuring human rights and social-legal guarantees.

Tajikistan’s Constitution was amended by referendums on September 26, 1999, June 22, 2003 and May 22, 2016.

Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Tajikistan in 1999 established a new bicameral parliament (Article 48) and extended the President’s term of office from five to seven years (Article 65).

Changes proposed to the Constitution of Tajikistan at the referendum on May 22, 2003 included removing Article 65, which limited the President to a single term of office.

A total of 41 constitutional amendments were proposed to the Constitution of Tajikistan at the referendum of May 22, 2016.  The changes included: amending Article 65 to remove term limits on the President of Tajikistan; reducing the minimum age to run for president from 35 to 30; and banning political parties based on religious platforms.