The website must necessarily be registered at the Ministry of Justice of the country.

At the suggestion of the Government of Tajikistan, the lower house of the parliament of the republic today will consider the issue related to amending the law “On public associations”.

The amendments will oblige all public associations to have their own website on the Internet, which must be registered with the Ministry of Justice of the country, said the deputy Head of Parliamentary Committee on International Affairs, Public Associations and Information, Olim Salimzoda.

These amendments are aimed at strengthening the fight against money laundering, as well as preventing the financing of terrorist and extremist organizations.

The Law of Tajikistan “On Public Associations”, which was adopted in 2007, regulates social relations related to the exercise by citizens of the right to associate in public unions.

The law applies to all public associations established in the prescribed manner, with the exception of public associations (religious organizations, political parties, trade unions and other public associations), the order of creation and actions of which are regulated by separate laws.