Tajikistan Hydrometeo Center predicts a decrease in air temperature by 8-10 degrees in the country after the upcoming weekend.

Already at the beginning of the next week, on October 8, it will rain in the republic, in some places snow will fall. The thermometer will drop in some places to 14 degrees. 

«After October 9, precipitation will stop, but the air temperature will decrease day by day», - reported at the Hydrometeorology Agency of Tajikistan.

Cooling will come to the country this weekend: it will be partly cloudy in Dushanbe, the temperature during the day will be 27 degrees, but at night it will drop to 8 degrees and it will be cloudy.

In Khatlon two days will be cloudy, no rain. The temperature in the valleys at night 10-15 heat, day 23-28 heat. On Sunday, wind is expected to increase to 20-25 m/s, sometimes with a dusty storm and mist.

In Sughd Region, weather forecasters promise cloudy weather on weekends, and Sunday in some areas it will rain briefly, and in the mountains (at night above 2000m) it will snow. The temperature in the valleys at night is 8-13 heat, in the daytime 21-26 heat, in the mountains at night 2-7 heat, in the daytime 11-16 heat.

On Saturday and Sunday there will also be partly cloudy weather in Gorno-Badakhshan, light rain in some places, and some snow in the mountains at night.. The air temperature in the west of GBAO is at night 4-9 heat, in the daytime 18-23 heat, in the eastern GBAO at night 2-7 frost, in the afternoon 6-11 heat.