Organized by the Embassy of Japan in Dushanbe, the annual Japanese cultural fair "JAPAN DAYS" will take place at the Ismaili Center in Dushanbe on February 17-18.

According to Japan’s Embassy, the Japanese Cultural Fair in Tajikistan, supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tajikistan, the Ministry of Culture of Tajikistan, the Committee for Youth and Sports under the Government of Tajikistan, JICA, AAR Japan, Toyota Central Asia, Taj Motors, Russian-Tajik (Slavonic) University and Tajik State Institute of Languages named after Ulughzoda will be a free admission event with a variety of demonstrations and exhibitions on cultures, traditions and technology of Japan.

During the event, some attractions will be carried out to raise public awareness of supporting people with disabilities.  In many countries, including Tajikistan, the Japanese Government is actively engaged in creating and promoting an "inclusive society" in which people with disabilities can take a more active part in public life.

The two-day “JAPAN DAYS” will contain the following events:

On Saturday, February 17, “JAPAN DAYS” begins at 10:00 am with a Japanese film screening “Nobody to Watch Over Me” (Japanese voice with Russian subtitles) and simultaneously, a master of sado - the art of Japanese tea preparation and serving - will demonstrate the Japanese tea ceremony, creating a serene time.

Concurrently, there will be all-day special booths exhibiting Shodo, Japanese traditional calligraphy, Wheel Chair Trial Run “Feel the Barrier”, Mini games events, exhibition of Japanese Culture and Origami, art of paper folding by the leading origami artists Ms. Zohreh Bahrololoumi and Mr. Majid Ahang.  There will also be booths for visitors to try on traditional Japanese garment, Yukata, and play with Japanese traditional toys.

In the afternoon, the Opening Ceremony followed by a Concert will take place from 2:00pm. Ms. Gulum Kasymbaeva from Kyrgyzstan will sing Japanese songs, Ms. Matluba Rahimova from Tajikistan will sing Tajik songs, and Mr. Alexander Ivashin, a musician from the Moscow Conservatory, will give a performance to create a melodious afternoon with a Japanese flute “Shakuhachi”.

After the concert, Mr. Fathiddin Zamon, a prominent journalist of “TV Tojikiston” will make presentation about his recent travel experience in Japan.

On Sunday, 18 February, the second day of “JAPAN DAYS,” you can enjoy again several events simultaneously throughout the day.  In the morning, there will be Anime Fan Club Event where youth of Tajikistan will show a master class on Cosplay.  And simultaneously, Mr. Alexander Ivashin, a musician from the Moscow Conservatory, will perform a concert of Japanese flute “Shakuhachi”.

Alongside, the special booths will be showcasing Shodo, Origami, and traditional toys, as well as Yukata try-on event, which will be inviting all guests to join the event.

In the afternoon, experts from the federations of Aikido, Karate, Sumo, Kudo, New full contact Karate, Kyokushin-karate and Disability Sports in Tajikistan will demonstrate different styles of Japanese martial arts.

The eventful two days at the “JAPAN DAYS” will serve as the opportunity to demonstrate the friendship between the Republic of Tajikistan and Japan, and a great opportunity for all visitors to enjoy the cultures and traditions of Japan in the lively atmosphere.