The first group of Tajik pilgrims to go to Hajj from Dushanbe to Jeddah left this morning, on August 16. On the flight of “Somon Air” with the first pilgrims on board, there were more than 185 people. The plane flew from Dushanbe airport at 4:48 local time.

According to the chief specialist of the Committee for Religious Affairs and Ordering of Traditions, Mansur Nazarov, according to the agreements between Tajikistan and Saudi Arabia this year Tajik pilgrims will be served by two airlines - the Tajik “Somon Air” and the Arabian “Flynas”.

Flights to Jeddah will be carried out from two cities of Tajikistan - Dushanbe and Khujand. The last pilgrims will fly to Saudi Arabia on August 23.

Hajj this year will cost for citizens of Tajikistan 32 thousand 671 somoni (at the current rate - more than 3 thousand 630 dollars).

The number of quotas for Tajik pilgrims this year has not changed. Hajj can commit 6,3 thousand Tajik citizens.

Recall last year in Tajikistan, it was decided not to include in the quota of persons under 40 years of age. Thus, the Committee on Religious Affairs tried to resolve the issue with a huge queue of people wishing to visit the shrines of Islam .

For several years, Saudi Arabia has reduced the quota for hajj for Muslim countries, including Tajikistan, by 20%, and many older people can not go on pilgrimage.

"The purpose of our decision is to provide an opportunity for older people to make a pilgrimage and realize their old dream," - reported last year in the Committee on Religious Affairs.