Kazakhstan is expected to provide no-strings military and technical aid to Tajikistan.  This aid will be provided in the framework of a government-to-government agreement between Tajikistan and Kazakhstan on military cooperation signed in 1999.   

The Kazakh side will deliver the aid to Tajikistan by rail at its own expense and the Tajik side commits itself not to deliver the received military property to the third party.   

The Government of Tajikistan has ordered the country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate the date and venue of signing of an appropriate agreement with the Kazakh side.   

The assistance reportedly includes seventy-nine items of military property such as bullets of different caliber, shells for grenade launchers and high-explosive shells totaling some 1.8 million pieces.

Besides, Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defense (MoD) will receive 58 Russian Bussol PAB-2Ms (artillery sight) and 200 other devices and equipment.  

The assistance also includes 30,000 30 mm ammo for aircraft gun (the 30 mm caliber is a specific size of autocannon ammunition), 5,000 unguided rockets S-5, radiation, chemical and biological protection personal equipment, engineering property, mountain munitions, logistics property, medical equipment and property and means of communication.

S-5 rockets

The S-5 is a rocket weapon developed by the Soviet Air Force and used by military aircraft against ground area targets.  It is in service with the Russian Air Force and various export customers.

It is produced in a variety of sub-types with different warheads, including HEAT anti-armor (S-5K), high-explosive fragmentation (S-5M/MO), smoke, and incendiary rounds.  Each rocket is about 1.4 meters long and weighs about 5 kilograms, depending on warhead and fuse.  Range is 3 to 4 kilometers.