President of Tajikistan, speaking today on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge, obliged the Ministry of Education to introduce in schools chess lessons, mastering folk crafts, home economics.

"The Ministry of Education and Science of Tajikistan at all levels of education, especially in classes with the teaching of exact and natural sciences, must introduce chess lessons; At the level of secondary general education to develop the development of folk handicrafts (training in sewing, carpet weaving, sewing chakana); pay attention to the skill of preparing national dishes. In this regard, it is necessary to make additions to curricula and textbooks", — Said in his speech on the occasion of the Day of Knowledge, Tajik President Emomali Rahmon, NIAT «Khovar» reports.

According to him, every 6 months, it is necessary to hold among the students the competitions of the best needlewoman, skilled housewife, etc., support, materially and morally stimulate the winners.

"Carrying out such events will increase students' interest in studying professions and crafts, in the future will influence the development of tourism and the increase of domestic products for tourists and guests", —Emomali Rahmon stressed.

To implement these important measures, it is necessary to give serious attention to additional training as an integral part of the process of teaching and choosing professions, develop abilities of children, adolescents and youth.

"We not only need to effectively use the centers of additional classes, but also on the basis of general educational primary and secondary professional educational institutions to organize the functioning of various classes of technical and artistic creativity, applied and design art, sports, tourism and local history, as well as biological, ecological and humanitarian classes", — summed up the president.

To build tandyrs in schools to teach high school students for baking bread, started in the north of Tajikistan, in the Sughd region in 2013. For example, reporting on the results of work for 2013, the mayor of Isfara stated that in pursuance of the instructions and instructions of the president of the country with the aim of creating opportunities for mastering crafts and preparing high school students for independent living in the schools of the city, there are60 tandyrs for baking bread, 76 electric owens for baking confectionery, as well as more than 170 hotbeds for preparation of various dishes

In January of this year, the region’s chairman Abdurahmon Kodiri stated that he did not see anything shameful if the boys also learn to bake bread. 

- Sometimes you hear reproaches that in the age of information technology and the development of exact sciences, schools install tandyrs and foci. We must do both. And the installation of tandyrs and stoves in schools also benefits, and there is nothing shameful here if within the framework of labor training this along with the girls will be dealt with by boys, - the chairman of the region said.