Dushanbe authorities have launched two new routes and introduced changes to a number of operational routes. 

Thus, Dushanbe authorities have launched a new minivan route from Chortut area to the Dushanbe city Southern Gate.  Minivan # 42 runs along this route. 

The Dushanbe administration has also re-launched a trolleybus route from Qariyai Bolo to the Dushanbe railway station.  Trolleybus # 8 runs along this route. 

Dushanbe authorities have also introduced changes to a number of operational minivan routes.

Firouz Saidov, the head of Dushanbenaqliyotkhizmatrason (public transport service), says they have removed from the city streets Hyundai minivans that were working illegally.

According to him, 3,616 minivans are currently running in the city.  “2,973 of them are working contractually and the remaining 643 belong to unitary municipal enterprises,” Saidov said. 

Saidov further added that new Belarusian-made buses would be delivered to Dushanbe in the near.