Ahmadsho Komilzoda, a well-known journalist who was accused of preparing the removal of the leader of the Democratic Party of Tajikistan, said in an interview that he did not know anything about the internal conspiracy: “I read about this in the media”.

In an interview, he said that voluntarily, "in protest," left the ranks of the Democratic Party long before the meeting of the high council of the party, which took place in late September.

«Democratic Party does not practically participate in the political life of Tajikistan, does not express an opinion about what is happening in the life of the republic. And I believe that the passivity of the DPT has led to the fact that the Democrats have lost their former authority in Tajik society. That is why I decided to leave the ranks of the party», - stated Ahmadsho Komilzoda.

Earlier, a source in the party said that the deputies of the Democratic leader - Hikmatullo Saidiyon and Ahmadsho Komilzoda left the ranks of the DPT. He also stated that they intended to remove Saidjafar Usmonzoda from his post as party leader.

Saidjafar Usmonzoda himself said that his deputies were removed from their posts for passive participation in the work of the party.

«Hikmatullo Saidiyon is a teacher, he passively participated in the work of the party’s political council, and Komilzoda did not take part in the work of the political council», - declared Usmonzoda.