Despite the rise in customs duty on import of cars, car imports have increased in Tajikistan.

4,511 cars for a total amount of 36.6 million U.S. dollars have been delivered to the country over the first three months of this year, which was 1,633 cars or 14.4 million U.S. dollars more than in the same period last year, according to the Customs Service under the Government of Tajikistan. 

It means that Tajikistan’s car imports have increased over the report period by 57 percent compared to January-March last year.

Meanwhile, the current rate of customs duty on the delivery of a car to the country is equal to 10 percent of its customs value.        

Besides, a vehicle imported into Tajikistan is subject to excise tax at the rate of 10 percent of its tax value.   

Recall, the Government of Tajikistan last year issued a decree banning the delivery of vehicles manufactured before year of 2005 into the country.

Tajikistan reportedly banned the vehicles manufactured before the year of 2005 in bid to combat effects of environmental pollution.

Tajikistan mostly imports used vehicles, and, accordingly, the prices for them are much lower than for the new ones.

Motor vehicles, mainly passenger cars, are imported from the Baltic States and Europe.  In the market of heavy-duty vehicles the leading place is occupied by Chinese manufacturers.