The president decided to rename the hydropower plant in Murghab from "Oksu" to "Tajikistan"

President Emomali Rahmon today put into operation hydroelectric power station in the Murghab district, which is considered to be one of the highest mountain ranges in the world, - Tajik leader's press service reported.

Small HPP, with a capacity of 1.5 thousand kW/h, called "Oxus", will henceforth be called "Tajikistan". The height of the hydroelectric dam is 64 meters, width 12 meters.

The hydroelectric power station "Tajikistan" is the second hydroelectric power station in the world, built in the highlands, after small hydropower plants built in Nepal.

More than 14 thousand Murghab residents have been living without electricity for two years, and they hope that their problem will now be solve.

The project of modernization of the HPP "Oksu" financed by the German Development Bank (KfW). According to the original project, the capacity of the future HPP was to be 800 kWh, and for this purpose, it was planned to allocate 4 million Euros.

However, after a second study of the project by German specialists, it was decided to increase the capacity to 1.5 thousand kW/h. accordingly, the German bank has allocated an additional 7 million euros.