A Tajik teahouse named in honor of Dushanbe known “Rohat” Teahouse has opened in the Russian city of Voronezh.

The teahouse was launched by entrepreneurs Homidjon Fazliyev and Jamoliddin Khojayev, natives of Tajikistan who have lived and worked in Russia for a long time.

They have decided to name their teahouse in honor of Dushanbe known “Rohat” Teahouse.  They have invited cookers from Tajikistan for working with the teahouse.   

Recall, CNN last year listed the “Rohat” chaikhana (teahouse) located in Dushanbe among eleven of the world’s best teahouses.

Literally translated chaikhana means "teahouse," and they can be found all over Tajikistan, CNN said.

Folks -- mainly men -- once gathered inside chaikhana for discussions, but these days they're a place for anyone to socialize over a cup of tea.

The ornate “Rohat” Teahouse in Dushanbe is one of the finest places to lounge and sip tea while enjoying city views, according to CNN.

The “Rohat” teahouse, which is very popular in Dushanbe, is the true social hub of Dushanbe.  “Rohat” is the most popular teahouse for tourists and locals.

Meanwhile, “Rohat” Teahouse has not been inscribed on the list of sites of historical and architectural significance in Dushanbe.