A roundtable to discuss issues related to development of textile and clothing sector in Tajikistan is being held in Dushanbe today.

Organized in the framework of the entrepreneurship week, initiated by the Union of Private Sector Development (UPSD) of Tajikistan and being held under the patronage of the State Committee on Investment and State-owned Property Management of Tajikistan and with the assistance of the International Trade Centre (ITC), the event has reportedly brought together representatives of the textile and clothing companies, trade and business associations, consulting companies, related state agencies, and international organizations to discuss the current situation in the textile and clothing sector of Tajikistan, the solutions to the sector problems and ways to solve the challenges and improve the sector.

ITC Office in Tajikistan says that in addition to introduction of the current manufacturing practices, business, and marketing environment of the sector in the country by the experienced companies, representatives of the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies, the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the State Committee on Investment and State-owned Property of Tajikistan, and the Tax Committee under the Government of Tajikistan will inform the audience on sector-related state programs and initiatives. 

Fayzali Rajabov, the UPSD Chairman, says: “At the meeting, we expect to identify the key challenges of the sector and decide on how to overcome them together with all stakeholders.  Taking into account that we have to compete with both Uzbek and Kyrgyz companies in the textile and clothing sector, we should think about how to improve the capacity of local companies, so to be competitive in the regional and international markets and not to lose our positions in domestic market. In addition to companies’ efforts, we need to cooperate more closely with state agencies, financial institutes, and international organizations on provision of appropriate legal, intellectual, and financial environment.”

The ITC project is funded by the Government of Switzerland within the framework of its Trade Cooperation Program in Tajikistan.

The International Trade Centre, supported by the Government of Switzerland, aims to increase the export competitiveness of the Tajik textile and clothing sector by supporting sector companies, and relevant trade support institutions from both public and private sectors.